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"We care about your roof and what’s under it, too!"


We REPLACE Roofs, REMODEL Houses and BUILD Relationships For Life!


There are many other companies out there.  There is much competition.  We are not competing.  We are also not worried.  We are a brand-new company and that sets us apart.  We know what has been done.  We know how they do it.  There are many good companies that do good work.  We will refer them when we cannot do what they can do.  There are many companies that misrepresent our industry.  We apologize on their behalf. 

We care about what we do.   We care how others experience what we do.  We keep the people we work with because they experience the way we do things, for life!  There is no greater way to be set apart.


Our devotion is to the merit of our work and the virtue of your experience working with us.  It is our honor and privilege to be your roof replacement partner, while building a lasting relationship that means as much to you as it means to us.

It is our direct mission to grow the opportunity from replacing your roof, into building a life-long relationship.  We never intend for our presence to be a transaction.  We hope to make an indelible impression that inspires you to join our community and remain our friends (and family), for life! 

We do what we do knowing what works and what doesn’t. 

We will not make promises we cannot keep. 

We will always strive to do exactly what we say we are going to do. 

We will do what we hope others would do for us. 


Water and Wind

Our name represents our knowledge of the affect water (H2O) and Wind (W) have on roofs.  Water and Wind are our friends at the park, but to your roof it could be the recipe for disaster.


Florida is no stranger to the horrific devastation that can be caused by tiny drops of water mixed with just the right amount of wind.  Whether it is a full-blown Category 5 Hurricane, a tropical storm, a severe thunder storm or even just an afternoon shower, water and wind are known enemies to roofs.

You don’t have to look that far back to remember the devastation brought on by hurricanes to Florida. 


The Labor Day Hurricane that hit in 1935, was the first Category 5 hurricane on record in the continental U.S.  The Labor Day Hurricane has been reported to cause over $100 million in damages, at the time.  That equates to nearly $1.7 billion today.  Sadly, 400 people died.


Hurricane Andrew is known as the costliest storm of the 20th century.  The storm swept Florida in 1992, causing more than $25 billion in damages, devastating South Florida.  Unfortunately, 44 people were killed.


In 2004, Hurricane Charley swept through the Atlantic coast of Florida and caused over $5 billion in damages throughout the state.  29 people died due to the storm.  Much of South Florida and across the state, are still trying to recover from the affects of Charley, 17 years later.

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