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Nicolas Florentino

Nicko began his roofing career as an apprentice for a public adjuster, who took him under his wing and taught Nicko everything he knew about the processing of insurance claims.   His mentor groomed Nicko to become a highly sought- after Roof Replacement Master and helped develop him to be the expert he is today.   


Nicko is skilled at bridging the gap between the home owner and the insurance company, advocating for the home owner while complying with the laws and requirements of the insurance company. Nicko is dedicated to educating the home owner through the process - empowering you, every step of the way.

Nicko is committed to his work of mentoring and developing his team members.  H2OW Roofing Representatives become members of the H2OW Roofing family and are poised and prepared to advocate for you and your roof replacement project. 


With Nicko’s leadership and teaching, all our team members are highly skilled and capable of overseeing and performing your project, with the attention and dedication you deserve. 



We are a blended family.  Together we have seven children.  Learning how to create a united family is a process.  Just like many families, we have had to bring our pasts into our present and learn how to be one family in the middle of the story.  As parents, we are aware that our children are in our charge for a brief time, but we have made it our mission to grow with them and hope that our influence will carry them beyond our care and into the lives they will build beyond us. 


Just like your family, we know what it takes.  We go through the good times and the tough times. We laugh and we cry.  We fight and we forgive.  No matter what happens, we get through it and become stronger because of it. 


Blending families has taught us that it doesn’t matter where you came from, when you showed up or what happened that got you here.  What is important is spending quality time together, growing closer to one another and belonging to a group of people you are proud to call family.


Our hope is that your family is as blessed as we are.  That no matter who is in your family, how you became a family or what your family looks like, your family, just like ours, feels proud to be a family. 



We believe in God.  We believe God is The Source.  Our Source.  We commit all things to God.  We do all things in alignment to Our Source.  God is our way, our truth and our life. Through our faith, there is no need for doubt, for fear or for failure.  We are led by God and God leads the right people to us.  When we give everything to God, Our Source gives everything we need to us.


Divine Calling

We have a higher calling to do the work we do.  Our work is not just about replacing roofs, home improvements or offering jobs. That is what we do.   We know that we have a divine calling to protect people, provide for families and promote community.  This is who we are.  We want your family to be safe and secure in your house. We want financial stability for your family.  We want to be agents for change in our communities.  Our calling is to spread happiness into homes and hope into lives. We won’t do what we do if we can’t be what we believe in. 


We Build Relationships for Life

We believe in family.  Our family cares about your family.  Protecting your family’s greatest financial investment, your home, is one way in which we show how much we care.  Providing you with excellent service while helping you complete an insurance claim, you deserve, is another way we show how much we care.  Making improvements or repairs that bring peace of mind to your household is a way we show how much we care.  Supporting you during each step of the process is how we show we care.  We are proud of the work we do, which is the most important way we show just how much we care!

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